About Us

Formed in 2008 by Joe Erjavec and Randy Smith, Crestone Consultants is a Colorado based civil engineering consulting company. As professional engineers in Colorado, Montana, and South Dakota, our team has over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge providing design and development solutions for private and public sector clients and communities. (Download Crestone Brochure)




The Crestone Consultants team defines itself, its purpose, and its role based on four core values:


We believe in having an attitude of cooperation and team spirit, developing relationships based on integrity, working as teams, innovating from experience, and embracing competition will develop successful project solutions that will bring value to our clients and to the communities we serve.







Joe Erjavec

Joe Erjavec, P.E.

Randy Smith

 Randy Smith, P.E.

 Lance Malburg

 Lance Malburg, P.E.

Matt Kasson

 Matt Kasson, P.E.